willowbank primary school


Our value of excellence is incorporated into our school motto of ‘Achieving excellence, together!’

Excellence is not an arbitrary goal or point that we are all aiming to achieve. Instead, it is about individual growth, a sense of accomplishment, and the effort we put in. It recognises that we all have different starting points, in everything we do, however with opportunity, support and encouragement we can all grow and achieve our personal best. 

At Willowbank Primary School we support every student to reach their personal excellence. This is achieved through knowing our students, their interests, their aspirations and their learning and wellbeing needs. 

Below are some of the ways that we support our students to achieve excellence:

– Our lessons and learning opportunities are differentiated to ensure all of our students are appropriately challenged and demonstrate growth. 

– With the assistance of their teachers, students develop personal learning goals and identify strategies for achieving their goals. 

– Our curriculum and extracurricular activities cater for our students’ interests, along with opportunities to develop new passions and talents. 

– Students are explicitly taught strategies and supported to develop a growth mindset. 

– We will maintain high expectations of ourselves and each other and we work together to achieve these expectations. 

– Our staff challenge our students to ask questions, to try something new, to not give up and to try their hardest. 

– We actively celebrate excellence with our student’s, their peers, families, and our community.

The students at Willowbank Primary School are encouraged to reach for the stars and we will support them to get there!